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Bali drugs accused wants to go home

Posted by on 02/05/2019

A Sydney woman facing a marijuana possession charge in Bali has pleaded for her freedom, saying she has already told police the truth about drugs found during a raid this year.


Leeza Ormsby, 37, has been kept in a Bali police cell since February 12, when she was arrested at the scene of a drug bust.

She was finally charged on Tuesday, as police neared the time limit they could hold her without pressing charges.

The New Zealander cried and shielded her face from cameras as she was led from the prosecutor’s office to a cell on Tuesday morning.

“I want to go home,” she told reporters.

“I’ve already told the truth. I’ve already said the truth.”

Ormsby was charged with possessing a marijuana joint she allegedly admitted to having in her handbag when arrested at the scene of a drug bust at a villa on the resort island.

She has not been charged with possessing the MDMA and hashish found in the villa.

According to her lawyer, Ari Soenardi, the case has been prolonged because police have been trying to get Ormsby to admit to owning the other drugs.

She denies they are hers, saying she was only at the raided villa to pick up her laptop and towel.

Mr Soenardi says she has admitted to owning the joint, which she bought from a person on the beach.

He told reporters on Tuesday his client was well, but stressed about the media attention.

“The story has affected her family image,” he said.

“… I hope the verdict will be the best and reasonable.”

The charge carries a term of between four and 12 years in jail, prosecutor Ni Luh Putu Oka Ariani said.

“We have 20 days before handing over to the court and that could be extended for another 30 days,” she said.

Once the case is handed over to the courts, a trial date will be set the following day.

Mr Soenardi said Ormsby is glad there is finally progress in the case.

Her February arrest came two days after Schapelle Corby was released on parole for drugs charges.

It’s expected Ormsby will be taken to Kerobokan Prison, where Corby served more than nine years, later on Tuesday.

During the drugs raid, Rotorua-born Ormsby told police there had been a party at the villa, but that her five friends had already left Bali.

Sydney musician Azaria Byrne has since come forward to say he was the one who booked the villa and that he believes Ormsby, whom he only met once, is innocent.

Another has been identified in media reports as Sydney DJ, and Ormsby’s ex-lover, Marco Mazzucco, who witnesses say was questioned by police, but allowed to return to Australia.

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