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Rose Byrne: I’m rubbish at romance

Posted by on 02/05/2019

Australian actress Rose Byrne says she is trying to get “better” at romance.


The 34-year-old star has been with American actor Bobby Cannavale since 2012. They have also appeared on the big screen together since then, one of the projects being Ross Katz’s 2014 movie Brother’s Keeper.

Byrne prefers to keep her love life quiet but admits she is working on her soppy side.

“To be honest, I’m not naturally that much of a romantic person – Australians don’t like making a fuss,” she smiled to Elle Canada.

“I have trouble with things that feel very manufactured, like Valentine’s Day. I’m trying to get better at romance.”

Both stars can also be seen in the upcoming remake of children’s film Annie, which also features Cameron Diaz.

Despite their previous work together, Byrne says she had to think before taking on the role alongside her husband.

“I was initially nervous. Clearly, it could have not been a good idea, but it was very fun to have a really great friend on set. It was nice to share our day,” she recalled.

She also commented on how she believes movie stars should be open to new skills.

“In old Hollywood, every actor could sing and dance and act. Still, people are uncomfortable with that. I think that’s really judgmental and dull. Life is too short to narrow yourself down to one thing.”

Byrne keeps herself busy with acting and enjoys relaxing when away from the camera. She would rather stay in on a Saturday night and make a meal than go out.

“[I’m] dreadfully disciplined. I don’t go out and party – I just don’t have the stamina. My nickname is Nana Byrne,” she laughed. “I’m not a good cook, but seeing someone enjoy what you’ve made is so satisfying.”

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